FF's Flying Ranch


KM Diff Direction
0.0 0.0 Castle Street railway crossing 
3.4 3.4 Bear right at parliament roundabout 
5.3 1.9 Straight at roundabout after Parliament, over bridge;
6.2 0.9 Turn left at Pelawatte junction near OSC (Overseas School), then immediately right (opposite Petrol Station);
7.6 1.4 Straight on (do NOT turn toward SAMA Center);
7.8 0.2 Turn right at Buddha statue 
8.1 0.3 Stay on main road (left) and continue on down hill past paddy on left 
8.9 0.8 Straight on over bridge, passing lake on right 
9.2 0.3 On on straight over small bridge. Stay on main road up the hill. 
9.9 0.7 Turn left at Sarasi hardware sign 
10.1 0.2 Go to end of road, turn right, look for parking.