Clitoria's Crib


KM        Diff    Description
0.0        0.0        Castle Street railway crossing head West towards Galle road
0.8        0.8        Turn left into Baseline, then right into Bauddhaloka Mw
3.5        2.7        Turn left into RA de Mel Mw (Duplication road)
4.6        1.1        Take a right into Dr Lester James Peries Mw (Future World on left)
4.8        0.2        Turn left into Galle road heading south
8.8        4.0        Turn left before the flyover into Dehiwela road (Hill street)
9.3        0.6        Turn right before crossing the canal
9.8        0.5        Turn left after power substation
9.9        0.1        Enter "LOTUS GROVE" - If the guards ask, tell them you're coming for the HASH!, Turn right once through the gate
10.0      0.1        Take the first right again
10.1      0.2        And first right again
10.2      0.1        Right again and start looking for parking - Black gate

230 Lake Drive on the corner