The Lady Of The Manor


Ghostriders in the Sky



The Lady of the Manor was dressing for the Ball,
When She saw the Village cripple tossing off up against the wall.

With His rare old kidney wiper and his balls the size of three
and a yard and a half of foreskin (5-skin, 6-skin…!)
hanging down below his knee.
Yipeeeeiyyyaaaaa yipeeeeiyyyooooo
foreskins in the sky.

So She wrote to him a letter, a letter she did write,
saying "I'd rather be had by you sir than my husband any night"


So he mounted his white charger, the finest in the land
and he rode up to the manor with his penis in his hand


Now he rode up to the manor, he rode up to the hall,
when "God blimey" cried the Butler he's come to fuck us all


Well he fucked them in the bedrooms and he fucked them in the hall,
and he even fucked the pictures that were hanging up against the wall


Now some say he went to heaven, some say he went to hell,
some say he fucked the devil and the devils wife as well