'Tis the season to get wasted,
Tra la la la laa, 
Our beer's the best thing that you've tasted,
Tra la la la laa, ...

Just how much has he been drinking?
He is looking really lit.
As we sing here aren't we thinking,
"Do we really give a shit?"...

By the light
(By the light, by the light...)
of a flickering match
(Of a flickering match...)
I saw her...

A poke with a bloke may be quite incidental
Durex is a girl's best friend
You may get the works but you won't be parental
As he...

On the first day of hashing, my true love send to me

a handjob that wasn’t worth a fuck – what the fuck!


On the second day...

Are you lonesome tonight?
Is the hash out of sight?
Are you sorry you strayed from the trail?

Does your throat get real dry?...

Once a boy was no good,
Took a girl into a wood,
Bye, Bye Blackbird.
Laid her down upon the grass,
Pinched her...

Rub my penis up and down
Grease my palm and go to town
Wrap my hand around my c-c-c-cock
Toss one off into a sock

Oh just a mouthful of Lion helps the jism go down, the jism go down, the jism go down
Just a mouthful of Lion helps the jism go down

As I was walking through St. Paul's
The vicar grabbed me by the balls
I cried for help! but no help came
And so he grabbed my...

The donkey is a solitary bloke,
He very seldom gets a poke;
But when he does, he lets it soak,
As he revels in the joys of...

An engineer told me before he died
I have no reason to think he lied
He had a wife with a cunt so wide
That she could never be...

Away in the Shiggy,
Bootlegger led.
Piggy the Bastard,
Was getting some head.
The hares on the tra-ail,
The hash did...

Tie me wallaby down, boys,
Tie me wallaby down,
You can't fuck him when he's hopping around, boys,
So tie me wallaby down....

I fucked a dead whore by the roadside,

I knew right away she was dead,

The skin on her belly was yellow,

And there wasn't a...

There was an old farmer who sat on a rock,
Shaking and waving his big hairy
Fist at the ladies next door in the Ritz,
Who taught...

All beers bright and beautiful
All down-downs great and small
All ales pale with hops a-full
You're going to drink them all...

Birth control,
Is the only way to save my soul
since I put it in my girlfriend's hole
I wish I had used birth control


There she was, just a-gobblin’ my meat
Singing (Garbled) “doo wah diddy” drinkin’ cum drinkin’ spoo
Fondlin’ my scrotum, and suckin’...

My girlfriend is a lawyer, is a lawyer, is a lawyer
A mighty fine lawyer is she
All day long she fucks you, she fucks you, she fucks...

Alouette, the bigger the cunt the betta
Alouette, she's the girl for me
Does she have the kinky hair?

Build a bonfire, 
build a bonfire, 
throw the Aussies on the top
Throw the Kiwis 
in the middle, 
and then burn the...


Roll me over
In the clover
Roll me over in the clover do it again, do it again.

I gave her...

Fuck a duck, a female duck
Screw a baby kangaroo
Finger-bang an orang-outang
Let an elephant do you
Feel the penis of an...