Spiderman The Red-Nosed Hasher


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


You know ADAN and Bootlegger and ANZ and Bollocks
Featherlite and Sparrow Dick, Piggy and Plastic Knob,
But do you re-call the most famous Hasher of all,
Spiderman the red-nosed Hasher,
Had a bit too much to drink,
And if you ever saw him.
You would even say he stinks.
All of the other Hashers,
Used to laugh and call him names,
They never let poor Spiderman,
Join in any orgy games.
Then one night at the Colombo Hash,
The RA came to say,
Spidey with your ass so tight,
Won't you let me ride you tonight?
Then all the Hashers loved him,
And they shouted out with glee,
Spidey the red-nosed Hasher
You better get checked for HIV!