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La Co Cauracha the Venezuelan import from Paris / Vienna today on his 4th RUN.

Clitoria has to get his details for the directory.


JFK the haring marathon is still on.  Today his 4th consecutive hare.

But he messed up, since one Co-hare fucked off to OZ and other Co hare came 5 min before the RUN

tried to lay a good run, which turned out to be a shitty run.

Ani: rat race between Piggy and Webbie is on:  both are on 971 RUNS.

JFK managed to bring his ratio down to 6,990 !!!  having done 206 hares.

Shape ekke good!


Obnoxious Nationality: 

Who else then the GERMANS?. This might go on till Sep.-elections in Germany.



Well improvised HASH circle, table, booze etc...


Food  not bad, specially with a spoon :)