Run: 2151

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Jaya Bota from Joho Baru enlightened us: His grandfather was from Sri Lanka


JFK did a jump hare count, missing his 200 hares and convinced us to celebrate his 201 hare.

BB on 1130 and Feathers on 1201 runs.

Webbie preparing mentally for his 950th RUN....just 2 more to go....

Obnoxious Nationality: 

The Americans for to much East German support.


Christianizing of our great host:  LALITH PERERA

Lalith was given the HASH name   RUBBER LUBBER


It was decided to sell more HASH BALL tickets.

The awesome 200 hare run shall take place on DEC 5th (JFK + Spidey)

Smeller will hold his delay 60th B-day run on Nov. 18th.