Run: 2119

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Just Tim


Our famous, one and only Aint Ze Bush joined us once more. No distance, nor money

is an obsticle for ANZ to find his hash CHHH cradle back, coming all the way from the

jungles of Myanmar.


BB heading for his 1111 RUN, lets see what will be his surprise.

JFK not sure if he shall serve beef or T-shirt or both for his 200th hare.(3 more to go)

Whorepedo still maintaining the best ratio of 4,01



Obnoxious Nationality: 

Of course the GERMANS, after all they deserve it.


Great run, great circle, great food.

Last but not least Smeller re introduced forgotten HASH paraphernalias (HASH SHIT, HASH spillage prevent pipe,

HASH potty) to the circle and the RA made use of those.