Run: 2114

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Just TIM the rocky Canadian... knows how to drink beer and tell jokes. Shall come again.




BB on 1105 runs

Clitoria on 301 still no T-shirt in sight....

Featherlite  on 1167 runs, preparing mentaly for the 11 69er.

JFK ahead of all with 1403 runs. CID investigations are still going on how he achieved that.

Miss Piggy on 926 runs

Platic Knob on 420 runs....

Smeller on 250 runs  and Softcock on 515 runs

Spidey  on 1342 runs and Talkingbear on 765 runs..still standing strong !



Obnoxious Nationality: 

The British have it for running away when they see blood.



Great food served, thanks to the 2 hares!

Featherlite has close LINKS to the Vatican since he mentioned repeatedly PONTIFICATION.