Run: 2112

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BMW-VOLKER proved again he can run and drink lots of beer.


BB on 1103 runs preparing mentally for his 1111 RUN, coinciding with his B-day, be ready for a great event.

Smeller only one RUN apart from his 250th RUN.

Featherlite on 1165, not sure if he shall skip the upcoming onethousandonehundredsixtyniner or to show us his 69er skills.

Spiderman on 1340 runs still trying to catch up with JFK's run score.

Talkingbear on 763 runs, but other then Feathers he knows what to do for his seven69er RUN, in....mid summer.




Obnoxious Nationality: 

The Sri Lankans, since the European minority simply shouted louder.Thanks to Talkingbear