Run: 2069

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not allowed


Talkingbear 750th run

JFK B-Day run


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The Germans for being German and not having sence of humor.


Talkingbear on his 750th and JFK,s 69 B-day RUN

amazing how these old farts are still strong and running

like vezels. Some younger hashers should take a bow !!!


Despite JFK's efforts to screw the hounds with his marthon trail, all runners managed to come back, some with

big delay, Miss Piggy soaked in water. JFK even consulted the weather gods to fuck us most, since he

ordered a heavy monsoon downpour. The circle had to be shifted to BB's empire hall, since

the crowd got submerged at the site. Thanks to JFK.s witch craft skills. Talkingbear entertained us

in his usual manner with his quite, calming voice. Whorepedo had to obey his unmentionable and bugged

off early, petticoat government at home. After all, it was a great circle with 11 hashers attending.

Great T-shirt given and fantastic HASH food provided by the 2 HARES. Monday HASH is getting back in shape!

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