Run details

Run number: 2199
Date: 21 Aug 2017
Where: Clitty's Bordello
Sperm Doner - Hashed with the Harriettes Pornochio - Swiss hasher from Malaysia
Talking Bear's 75 birthday
Rat race still on, 987 runs for Web Wanker and Piggy
Talking Bear on 110 hares
Spiderman 1401
Featherlite on 1247
Clitoria 69 Hares
Obnoxious Nationality:

USA, for being a local hell caused by President Trump
Belgians for pissing
South Africans for being minus and being scared of the Zimbabweans.

South Africans won the prize of a cold down-down
Noteworthy: Nalin got his name. From now on he will be known as Nalingus ​ Other nominees: Downloader Speckled Chicks Picled Chicks Lick a Chick Dickless Tounguelingus