Run details

Run number: 2159
Date: 21 Nov 2016
Where: Spidey's Arse
YORONWEED from USA /  lepracy department Okinawa.
Most important JFK on 1421 runs and Spiderman on 1368 runs

both celebrating the 200 HARES EVENT. Coronation by GM Feathers with

a magnificient 200 hare beer mug.
Obnoxious Nationality:
Since minorities were always treated bad in Sri Lanka, the Germans got it again,

The circle decided that Merkel has the biggest balls.
Noteworthy: Great circle, great food. Thanks to JFK for his beef goulash making skills and Spiderman for knowing how to operate a microwave. PK kept us entertained with a endless series of hash jokes, when he was not at the BBQ mashine.