Run details

Run number: 2128
Date: 16 May 2016
Where: Desparado's Hide-out
The following Saturday HASHERS, the Harriettes, dared to join us: Seedless, Give me your seed, Desperado, Pork scratching, Memory Maid and a virgin, still with no name.  
Clitoria on 308 runs, Feathers on 1181 runs, M.Piggy on 932 runs, Smeller on 261, Webby on 927 runs.
Obnoxious Nationality:
The South Africans got it, for not knowing that if you need to see your banker,

take Mihin Air and fly to Seychelles.
Noteworthy: Excellent run side, but trail fucked up by Softcock. Fantastic HASH FOOD....thanks to Feathers and the host Desperado.